PMP Preparation – Part 3: PMP Prep Book Reviews

I include myself as one of the people who followed the “deep” method in preparing for the PMP exam outline in Part 2, and the benefit is that I read pretty much all the most popular prep books out there in detail and some texts, several times.  With that being said and from a totally biased opinion, I recommend my book and the companion PMP support link:

1. I Think, Therefore I Plan: Mastering the methods and meditations of project management, by Don Kim. ISBN: 0692831002

My book covers the core fundamental methods as well as the deeper philosophical reasons for why you would use a particular method over another.  It is written in a jargon free (or as little as one could do for a book on formal PM topics) and conversational style, yet goes deep into the methodological process and philosophical meditations of project management like no other book in the industry.  This is a book that will be useful both before and well after you take and pass the PMP exam!

Furthermore, a companion PMP preparation guide mapped to the book as well a link to a reputable PMP test bank simulator provider is located at the book’s support page.

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