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[***NOTE*** 2018:  All information related to the PMP is provided “as is” and is here for legacy reasons.  I am no longer involved with the PMP or anything related to it, so please do NOT inquire about it directly to me.]

Below are resources to assist those preparing for the PMP exam.  I originally created the interactive ITTO guide when I was preparing for the exam back in May of 2007 while taking a prep class sponsored by PMI-LA, and decided to put it on the web in case my classmates found it useful.  I then taught a couple of sessions for the very same prep class sponsored by PMI-LA in the Fall of 2007, and added the additional resources for the students.

For those visiting and preparing for the exam, I hope you find the resources useful, as I wish to give back to the online and offline community which helped me greatly when I was preparing for the exam.

For those just starting their preparation, below are links to a 3 part overview of the PMP exam:

And here’s a bonus presentation I gave for a PMP exam prep class for PMI-LA back in Spring of 2012 which outlines the trends of popular PM certifications such as the PMP:


Some PMP exam reference materials I used that may be useful to you:

  • Spreadsheet to calculate hours on the PMP application
  • PMP work description samples, which you can use to help you after you enter your work hours from the above spreadsheet
  • PMP audit tips that provides some guidance, in case you get audited
  • Earned value template in Excel that will help you visualize how EVA works as well as manipulate the numbers to see how those changes effect the graphs

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10 Responses

  1. Philip Gagne
    Philip Gagne at · Reply


    I graduated from Umass – Lowell with a certficate in PM, and have taken my PMP exam yesterday, and did not pass (though close). What would you suggest for study materials or approaches for me to move into next?

    Thank you so much!


  2. Fboujaha
    Fboujaha at · Reply

    I’m applying for the PMP & while filling my application, i get blocked with this question, could you please give me samples or tips in order to answer this correctly please. thanks a million

    please summarize this project. The summary should include the project objectives and your role, as well as key deliverables and outcomes by Process Groups. The description should include examples of how you led and directed this project. Please ensure that your description is between 300 and 550 characters. *

  3. mohamed abd al sattar ali
    mohamed abd al sattar ali at · Reply

    please send to me your link to provide examples of how to fill out your project work descriptions on my email

  4. mariya
    mariya at · Reply

    please provide link to excel file.

  5. Shivani Singh
    Shivani Singh at · Reply


    I am working on my application for the PMP exam and I have a question. Does PMI contact our Project Contacts regardless whether one is being audited or not? I mean do they contact to verify each applicant’s eligibility or its just part of Audit only?

  6. Kiran
    Kiran at · Reply


    I am in the process of filling the PMP application, I am now stuck at a point and need some help. The current project i am working is still in execution and monitoring phase so i do not know how to fil the application for this project for Closing phase. Can i leave as 0 (Zero)for closing and mention that the project is still ongoing as per schedule and in add/edit oexperince tab and proceed submitting the application?

    Please advise on how to rephrase my statement for closing process for this project to fill the experience form.

    Thanks in advance!!

  7. Aline
    Aline at · Reply

    Hello, for the PMP application project description section, is it supposed to be under 550 characters? and does that include spaces?

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