Book Support Page – “I Think, Therefore I Plan”

This is the support page for the book “I Think, Therefore I Plan: Mastering the methods and meditations of project management” that will list all the support files, updates and book errata.  If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to post a comment below or post it at the book’s discussion forum page.

Book Support Files:

  • Available Now! – PMP® Preparation Supplementary Notes: Please download here.
    • For study strategies and additional reference materials, visit the PMP Information page.
  • Project management templates and example files:
    • The most comprehensive set of templates and example files you can find that illustrate what formal project management would look like, is located at the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Unified Process website located here:
    •  The CDC site also includes a “CDC Unified Process Project Management Guide” that illustrates what it would look like to articulate a fully fleshed out and formal SDLC like Project Management Lifecycle framework that is customized to a particular industry, which in this case is national public health via the CDC.
    • After you read and digest my book, the above will give you can example of how to formally flesh out a PM framework for your organization… and of course, you will have a deeper and more philosophical background on the methods and practices than almost anyone in the industry!

Book Version/Edition, Updates and Errata:

Version 0.91 Beta – 01/13/17

Initial book release on the Kindle platform.  Book is in beta status and released for students in the author’s PM classes.

Version 0.92 Beta – 01/14/17
Corrected formatting errors in the bibliography of Appendix A.  Corrected some misspelled words.

Version 0.93 Beta – 01/24/17

More corrections of misspelled words and editing of vague sentences in sections throughout the book.

Version 0.94 Beta – 02/09/17

Review and editing of the book from top to bottom for reach section.  Found and corrected a few discrepancies between the diagram figures in the book.

Version 0.95 Beta – 02/17/17

Corrected formatting errors discovered during the print conversion process. Some sections revised and/or added to for further clarifications. Print version release on Amazon.

Version 0.96 Beta – 02/25/17

Modified cover (Paperback only), formatted table of contents, and added a couple missing book references. Clarification added in section “0.2 Book Outline, Approach and Rationale” on the book’s approach using the PMBOK® Guide’s process groups as a simple one-pass, start to finish linear project life span.

Version 0.961 Beta – 03/06/17

Corrected spelling error in “2A.4.5 Quantifying Risks” in the section related to decision trees and repleced the incorrectly phrased “Earned Monetary Value” with “Expected Monetary Value”.

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