Online Training: Developing a sixth-sense for Agile project management

Online Training: Developing a sixth-sense for Agile project management

I am honored to be conducting a four part training seminar for Roeder Consulting on the fundamentals of Agile project management.  Not only will we cover the fundamentals, but also the skills that go beyond the tools and techniques and into the mindset that can only be termed the “sixth-sense” which is that intangible quality that is only developed tacitly though experience and acquirement of emotional intelligence.  It is what is often referred to as the “soft-skills” of project management.  To learn more about this, you can read the book by Tres Roeder, who is the founder of Roeder Consulting, titled “A Sixth Sense for Project Management” published in 2011.

The training will be conducted on DEC 03, 2014 / DEC 05, 2014 / DEC 10, 2014 / DEC 12, 2014 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST) and you can sign up here.  Here are details of topics that will be covered:


Agile Project Management is an iterative method for defining requirements for development projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner. Project managers are constantly under pressure to deliver results faster and there are limitations on typical waterfall approaches. Agile is iterative (short development cycle) approach which constantly engages the customer in requirements definition and testing. Agile allows for smaller / quicker deliverables. Agile concepts in whole or in part are an essential skill today’s project managers should have.

This program focuses on providing an understanding of Agile project management, team dynamics, requirements gathering, estimating, executing / reporting and adopting Agile into your company operations. Going beyond the generic descriptions of Agile within project management, this program uses many exercises to reinforce the concepts and techniques.

15 PDUs / 15 Hours | 


We combined our hands-on experience leading high performing development project teams, and the latest research, to create this interactive workshop, where you will:

  • Understand Agile concepts
  • Know Agile teams and how roles within them are structured
  • Discuss requirements gathering through the use of User Roles and User Stories
  • Prioritize User Stories and create a product backlog
  • Estimate and Iterate Planning Basics
  • Learn executing and progress reporting basics
  • Be Agile within the organization


By using the take-away skills from this course, you will be able to immediately:

  • Understand Agile, team dynamics and roles of team members
  • Gather requirements and prioritize them to create a product backlog
  • Estimate and use the iterative process to plan and execute
  • Understand the key progress-reporting variables
  • Understand keys to Agile success in an organization
  • Positively impact your project success and personal growth


Our experienced experts will lead you through our “Agile” course, breaking down key concepts so you can succeed in Agile project management:

Understanding Agile
Knowledge about Agile concepts, user and team concepts, roles, responsibilities are key to establishing the baseline for the course.

Requirements Gathering
Learn techniques of User roles and User stories to gather customer requirements, prioritize them and create a product backlog.

Execution, Reporting, Retrospective
Learn techniques for estimating, iterative planning / execution, how / what to report and how to conduct a retrospective.

Agile In The Organization
Discuss the organizational structure, project type, customer’s role, PM considerations.

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