What does project management mean to me?

What does project management mean to me?

2013.FlashblogThe first of its kind flashmob blogs on project management are taking place right now!  I’m honored to be included in this illustrious group of 70+ PM bloggers around the world asking the very same question: What does project management mean to me?

On the surface we can all say that this is job description for someone who is tasked with managing and delivering projects.  Usually in a large corporation.  But for me, I look at it as a way of life.  Seriously.  In one way or another, we all have something to do that requires coming up with a plan, getting the necessary resources scheduled and completing out the work.

But in the bigger picture of things, I see this as a way that most work in organization will be done.  I say this because the world has become faster, more technologically oriented and globally competitive.  So work is conducted in a more project oriented fashion since this is the way new products, services and results get completed on time, on budget and within promised scope.

So what this means for me and everyone else who has to get things done whether for the personal project to get your garage reorganized to the multibillion dollar project to deliver a city’s new highway infrastructure,  is that one way or another you will be managing and leading projects and knowing what this is and the best way to do it will become one of the most valuable skills in the future.

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