PMI's 2012 "Pulse of the Profession" Report

PMI’s 2012 “Pulse of the Profession” Report

A report just released by PMI on the “Pulse of the Profession” was conducted starting in August 2012 from a representative sample of 1,239 practitioners from all around the world.  No surprise, the conclusion of the report is that organizations find the need for more organizational agility.  And sure enough, the report concludes that the way to this is through “excellence in basic project management execution.”

Of course PMI is going to be biased towards this conclusion, but in fairness the report does outline some interesting findings and metrics that cannot be found so easily elsewhere.  Here’s a section from page 3 which is a great infographic outlining their findings:

The report summary on their web site outlines 5 key areas to watch for:

Trending data in the Pulse identify five areas where successful organizations most commonly focus to maintain their competitive edge:

  1. Tight economic conditions will continue to force the issue of strong project portfolio management.
  2. The desire for organizational agility will also lead to increased use of iterative and/or incremental project management methods such as agile and extreme.
  3. As organizations continue to strive for agility, change management and project risk management will become even more important.
  4. Organizations will renew their focus on talent development as they look to grow and gain competitive advantage in new markets.
  5. Despite tight economic conditions, organizations have been and will continue to increase their focus on benefits realization success metrics.

These trends highlight the fundamentals that organizations often overlook in lean times or when distracted by the latest fad.

I recommend you take a look at the report.  It’s a quick read with lot of great visuals including the one I show.  Regardless of whether your profession is managing projects or not, the need for organizational agility is real and I would argue that the goal will be to execute these initiatives through projects.

Is it time to get real about an Agile PMO?

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